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Is This the Most Beautiful Street in the World?

most beautiful street in the world

There are an estimated 11 million miles of paved road on Earth, forming a sprawling network which some might say represents humanity’s conquest of the otherwise inaccessibly wild landscape. But, ironically it seems, the most beautiful streets in world just might be the ones that more closely resemble the untamed.

With so many scenic streets in cities across the globe, some cutting straight through modern metropolises bordered by towering skyscrapers, others following ancient winding paths in the shadow of great monuments, determining which of all is prettiest might seem an impossible task. But hard as it may be, there is one street in Brazil which has earned that distinction among an international audience — namely for its impressive natural beauty.

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Thousands of Spiders Invade Tree, Encasing it in Cobwebs


It was an arachnophobic’s worst nightmare.

When Neusvaldo, the owner of a little farm in the Brazilian town of São Felipe D’Oeste, first saw what had become of his tree, he must have believed a flock of sheep had gotten stuck up its branches — or, as he got closer, perhaps a localized mini-mist or a snagged little cloud.

But the truth would prove much less charming.

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