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Dogs Search Pond Every Day For Owner Who Drowned Weeks Ago

dogs look for drowned owner

Last month, 46-year-old Luís de Almeida drowned while swimming with friends in a pond near his farm in Araçatuba, Brazil, as his two adopted Labrador Retrievers, unaccustomed to water, watched from the shore. Sadly, his companions were able to pull him from the pond, but their efforts to resuscitate him failed.

The tragic accident came as a shock to Luís’s family and friends, particularly for the two dogs, Max and Lua.

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Dogs Stand Guard While Their Drunk Owner Naps in the Street

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend, wanting nothing more than the sweet companionship of their owners, the occasional ear scratch or belly rub, and maybe a bone every now and then. In return, they’ll remain by your side, even after all of your human friends have written you off as a helpless drunk. read more »