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Prison Guards Under Investigation for Partying With Inmates (Video)

Doing hard time has never looked like so much fun.

Earlier this week, video surfaced reportedly showing prisoners and their guards playing music, drinking alcohol, and entertaining women on the grounds of Chapec√≥ Penitentiary, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. read more »


At Least 232 Dead After Pyrotechnics Spark Nightclub Fire

At least 232 people are dead and dozens more injured after a fire, sparked by pyrotechnics, broke out in a crowded nightclub in the city of Santa Maria, in Brazil’s southernmost state. read more »


Dogs Stand Guard While Their Drunk Owner Naps in the Street

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend, wanting nothing more than the sweet companionship of their owners, the occasional ear scratch or belly rub, and maybe a bone every now and then. In return, they’ll remain by your side, even after all of your human friends have written you off as a helpless drunk. read more »