Restaurant Owner Killed Over ‘No Leftovers’ Policy

When dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet, most people understand that they’re entering into a tacit agreement with the establishment to not load their plates with more than they can eat. But when one restaurant owner reminded three customers of his ‘no leftovers’ policy, it wound up costing him his life.  read more »

Broken Pipeline Creates Urban Waterfall in the Amazon

Nestled along the Amazon river in the heart of the world’s largest rainforest, folks living in Manaus are no stranger to the forces of nature. But when a water pipe broke along a city street, the raging torrent it unleashed brought a sense of the wild a bit too close to home. read more »

Dogs Stand Guard While Their Drunk Owner Naps in the Street

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend, wanting nothing more than the sweet companionship of their owners, the occasional ear scratch or belly rub, and maybe a bone every now and then. In return, they’ll remain by your side, even after all of your human friends have written you off as a helpless drunk. read more »

Man Narrowly Escapes as a Sinkhole Swallows His Car

One moment, electrician Rodrigo Soares was driving home from work at the end of a normal day — the next, he was standing on the roadside, lucky to be alive, but suddenly in need of ride. read more »

New School Building Mistakenly Features a See-Through Restroom

Last month, a newly completed music school building was unveiled in the city of Ponta Grossa, Brazil — though it’s already gaining a reputation more for its sights than its sounds. read more »

1 Million Crabs Found Dead on Sao Paulo Beach

Following days of heavy rain in the town of Bertioga, Sao Paulo, an estimated 1 million crabs were discovered scattered dead along the otherwise pristine, sandy coastline. While the mass animal death has raised alarm amongst vacationing beachgoers, scientists say that the unusual occurrence should be no cause for concern. read more »

Bad Translation Preserved Forever in Woman’s Back Tattoo

It could be said that tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression — permanent markings meant to reflect an individual’s artistic tastes or to share with the world their favorite mantras and words to live by.

For the Brazilian lady above, that bit of ageless wisdom just so happens to be: ”It swims happens by chance.”

read more »

Cat Caught Smuggling Saws and Drills Into Prison

Prison guards at a correctional facility in Arapiraca, Brazil recently foiled an attempt to smuggle-in tools to aid in inmates’ escape. According to officers, a cell phone and memory cards, drill bits, and saws were all found strapped to the most unlikely of accomplices — a cat, caught red-pawed. read more »

Clever Tree Found Growing Atop a Telephone Pole

While countless other saplings were struggling to survive in the soil below, jockeying roots and shoots for their share of nutrients and sunlight, one young tree in particular found itself at the pinnacle of plant society from birth. read more »

Fatal Wall Collapse Triggers Mayan Apocalypse Panic

While it would appear that December 21, 2012 has arrived without the world coming to a dramatic and violent end, last night many folks living in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo, had good reason to think that the Mayan Apocalypse was in fact underway. read more »