Bad Translation Preserved Forever in Woman’s Back Tattoo

It could be said that tattoos are the ultimate form of self-expression — permanent markings meant to reflect an individual’s artistic tastes or to share with the world their favorite mantras and words to live by.

For the Brazilian lady above, that bit of ageless wisdom just so happens to be: ”It swims happens by chance.”

Deep? Not so much.

If you’re confused as to what the tattoo means, chalk it up to a bit of bad translation. As it turns out, the Portuguese word nada (nothing), is a homonym with the third-person conjugation of nadar (to swim) — leading the phrase “Nada acontece por acaso” (Nothing happens by chance) to be irreversibly inked as something markedly less meaningful.

It may seem the result of a careless mistake, but with keeping in spirit of the tattoo’s intended message, perhaps there’s some cosmic purpose behind it all. But probably not.