Cat Caught Smuggling Saws and Drills Into Prison

Prison guards at a correctional facility in Arapiraca, Brazil recently foiled an attempt to smuggle-in tools to aid in inmates’ escape. According to officers, a cell phone and memory cards, drill bits, and saws were all found strapped to the most unlikely of accomplices — a cat, caught red-pawed.

Authorities say that the contraban-toting feline had been kept for some time as a pet by prisoners at Luiz de Oliveira Souza Prison before being handed off to a detainee’s family member during a visit. Likely expecting the cat to find it’s way back inside the prison without raising suspicion, the animal was then fitted with tools of escape before being released again just beyond the walls.

“We are surprised with the detainees’ new tactic,” said one prison guard.

The items were successfully removed from the cat before it was transported to a nearby animal shelter.

Photos: Superintendencia Geral do Sistema Penitenciário de Alagoas