Prison Guards Under Investigation for Partying With Inmates (Video)

Doing hard time has never looked like so much fun.

Earlier this week, video surfaced reportedly showing prisoners and their guards playing music, drinking alcohol, and entertaining women on the grounds of Chapecó Penitentiary, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Officials from the Internal Affairs Division of the Department of Justice have denounced the inappropriate co-mingling between prison staff and inmates, vowing to open an investigation into the matter.

Prison warden Dirceu Rodrigues da Silva tells TV Globo that the prison staff in the video have been identified and placed under suspension as they await administrative review.

An estimated 550 thousand people are incarcerated in Brazil, often in overcrowded and poorly overseen prisons. As a result of internal corruption and lax visitation rules, many inmates have access to smuggled drugs, cell phones, and electronics.

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Recently, an investigation was opened after a prisoner at another Brazilian penitentiary posted an image on Facebook showing a group of inmates using drugs and playing video games, extolling prison life.

Given such access to technology has allowed some prisoners serving time for drug trafficking, to continue their operations from behind prison walls and to make money enough to bribe prison guards to look the other way.