Thousands of Spiders Invade Tree, Encasing it in Cobwebs


It was an arachnophobic’s worst nightmare.

When Neusvaldo, the owner of a little farm in the Brazilian town of São Felipe D’Oeste, first saw what had become of his tree, he must have believed a flock of sheep had gotten stuck up its branches — or, as he got closer, perhaps a localized mini-mist or a snagged little cloud.

But the truth would prove much less charming.

trees 2

Under closer inspection, the farmer soon realized that his tree had turned ghost white with thousands of spider webs.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Neusvaldo attests.

The tree continues to draw confused locals to ponder the intricate handiwork of the nearly invisible multitude of little spiders — shuddering at the thought that, perchance, some family of nesting birds had been unlucky enough to become stuck within its boughs, behind a veil of terror, trapped in a cotton candy of calamity.


[Photos via Globo]

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