‘Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy’, Four Months Sober, Released From Rehab


Last October, Rafael Nunes took the world by storm as easily the handsomest man without a home the internet had ever seen. But behind his steely eyes and movie star good-looks, ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Homeless Guy’, as he came to be known, was in the throws of drug addiction.

However, thanks to the support of those who had learned about him through social media and on sites like Reddit, Nunes soon found the help that he needed to put his life back on the right track.

UJAV9For the last four months, Nunes, age 30, has been at a live-in rehab clinic outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil, undergoing treatment for drug addiction. At the facility, the former model learned new skills, like gardening and painting — but most importantly, how live in sobriety.

Throughout his stay, he received countless letters and cards from people across the world who heard about his story.

Nunes credits the outpouring of encouragement from the internet community with helping to give him a new perspective on life. “I had no sense of my reality before all this happened,” he says.

Now, after successfully completing the inpatient program, Nunes is thinking ahead to the future:

“I am rebuilding myself, bringing back the boy who had a good education, the boy who knew how to deal with people, with himself, and with his feelings. I’m learning to live”


[Photos via RedditGlobo]