Military Police Caught Playing Badminton While on Duty

PMs play badminton photo

The Brazilian state of Espírito Santo may have one of the highest crime rates in the country, topping the list in both robberies and homicides, but one group of on-duty police officers wasn’t going to let those pesky figures stand in the way of a good time.

In newly released footage taken last month, more than twenty armed and uniformed Military Police officers in Vila Velha, ES are seen taking an unauthorized break from law enforcement to play a game of badminton.

Worse yet, the incident occurred at the height of Carnival season, during which the popular resort community sees a spike in thefts and assaults.

Here’s a news report containing footage from the on-duty badminton match (in Portuguese):

Regional PM commander Colonel Grobério Sonia has since condemned the incident, vowing to open a 30 day investigation into the matter.

“The inquiry will point us all the details if there was crime and the degree of participation of each military at that time,” says Sonia.

While many in Vila Velha are outrage that the public servants charged with protecting the community were instead caught playing games, State Secretary of Public Security, Andre Garcia, has dimissed the possibility that the officers will be punished too severely:

“It was a thoughtless act, half-mocking, not compatible with what the behavior expected of a military policeman, but all this will be cleared.”

[Folha Vitória. Photo: screenshot via YouTube]