Dogs Search Pond Every Day For Owner Who Drowned Weeks Ago

dogs look for drowned owner

Last month, 46-year-old Luís de Almeida drowned while swimming with friends in a pond near his farm in Araçatuba, Brazil, as his two adopted Labrador Retrievers, unaccustomed to water, watched from the shore. Sadly, his companions were able to pull him from the pond, but their efforts to resuscitate him failed.

The tragic accident came as a shock to Luís’s family and friends, particularly for the two dogs, Max and Lua.

“We have had the farm for eight years and my husband had never gone swimming in that pond,” says Analiete Almeida. “The dogs also had never gone there either, except for that Sunday when my husband took them to the pond to party with two friends after a barbecue.”

Two days later, the yellow labs did something they had never done before — they dug a hole beneath a fence dividing the property in order to return to the pond where their owner died.

“I was surprised when I saw that they were very sad and looking for something in the pond and on the shore,” says neighbor Edmaura de Souza. “I realized they were swimming in the lake region where their owner drowned and were smelling the place where the his body was set after being rescued.”

According to Analiete, the dogs — adopted just four months earlier — have stopped eating normally and seem to be depressed even weeks later, but without fail, continue to venture to the pond at least twice a day to search for their fallen owner.

“They go there in the morning and afternoon and are swimming and looking for my husband,” she says. “They have eyes down and seem very sad.”

The remarkable loyalty shown by Max and Lua towards their lost human companion reflects just how powerful bonds between dogs and their owners can be, even in death.

Photo: O Estado de S.Paulo