Restaurant Owner Killed Over ‘No Leftovers’ Policy

When dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet, most people understand that they’re entering into a tacit agreement with the establishment to not load their plates with more than they can eat. But when one restaurant owner reminded three customers of his ‘no leftovers’ policy, it wound up costing him his life. 

In Planaltina, Brazil yesterday, a group of young diners began to argue with restaurateur Josafá Pereira da Silva after he pointed out the house rule which states that customers must eat all the food they put on their plate. According to police, the three customers had eaten at the same establishment the day before and were apparently unable to finish their meals.

Unhappy with the policy concerning the $4 buffet special, the youths returned to the restaurant two hours later and shot Silva multiple times, killing him.

Although the incident occurred only a block away from the local police station, authorities say that the suspects, who fled by car, have yet to be apprehended.

Photo: G1 Globo